The Folkestone and Hythe Independent Group

The Folkestone and Hythe Independent Group was formed in the spring of 2021, by two serving independent councillors, representing wards on Folkestone and Hythe District Council.

The Folkestone and Hythe Independent Group….

An independent body working together for our community.

The reason for forming a group was simple, ‘Strength in Numbers’.

Whilst members have the right to stand on their own policy, as a group, we can add weight to certain elements of council work.

As well as District Council members we are open to members of both Town and Parish councillors.
Although we plan to have quarterly meetings our membership is able to ask advice from other councillors to gauge opinions on different aspects of council work, at any time.

We do not have any form of whip, but we are able to offer advice of how to present business to councils.

New members are welcome to seek advice on council protocols.

As an independent Councillor, you can sometimes be made to feel ‘left out’ so we aim to welcome independents into our family group.

At the same time, we have been approached by members of existing political organisations and we would like to offer them a ‘home’ where they are not pressured to vote along party lines, should they consider leaving and ‘crossing the floor’.

Memberships and Contact

To find out more about the Group and how you can get involved contact

David Wimble or Ray Field.
Telephone: 01797 364837