The Folkestone & Hythe Independent Group Constitution and Regulations

Our constitution is very simple.

The name of the organisation shall be The Folkestone & Hythe Independent Party

  1. I) The purpose of the party shall be to field candidates for Local elections elected

to office.


2) In broad terms the party will present policies that appear to have majority public

support whilst adhering to the interests of the constituents and community.


3) In more specific terms the objectives shall be to have a local area where:

 3. a) Community life is promoted and acknowledged as an important part of society

and the interests of both young and old are adhered to in all aspects

including education, childcare and health representation for all of the districts ward members.

3. b) The maintenance and provision of infrastructure (such as local roads,

footpaths, sporting fields and local parks) are attended to for the benefit of

the community. We believe in the importance of consultation and

involvement of the community when providing and maintaining public


 3. c) Community development is encouraged and supported in accordance with

the community’s needs.

3. d) Sport and recreation, special needs programs and libraries – to name a few

– are encouraged and supported.

4) The Party Leader will be appointed by the Party Membership for a 1-year term and the
following will apply:

4. a) The Party Leader and Deputy Leader, will have the power to nominate and appoint members to serve on the Governance committee.

4. b) A Party member may hold more than one position in the Party at anyone

4. c) Any member of the Party may be removed from the committee in a, Majority
vote of the Party.

4. d) A quorum for a Party shall be three members, or Leader and Deputy.

5) The Leader of the Party will oversight the general day to day running of the Party and will administer the directives of the Membership.

6) The Membership will have the following powers:

6. a) To establish branches and support groups throughout individual towns and Parishes and provide general oversight and guidance to these party units.

6. b) To take such steps as are necessary to raise funds in any legal way to advance and
finance party objectives.

6. c) To enter into any arrangement for cooperation with a party or body of persons
having objectives similar to Local Independent Party.

6. d) To produce and furnish literature as deemed necessary to promote the objectives of the organization. These must be agreed by the Leader and Deputy, before distribution.

7) All books, records, documents and funds received or held by any party
unit under this Constitution shall be deemed the property of the Folkestone and Hythe Independent Party and under the control of the Executive at all times.

8) The Executive may from time to time prescribe rules and regulations which
are to be observed by party members to protect and advance the interests of the Party.

9) Membership of the Party is open to any person who:

9. a) Is 16 years or older, and who agrees with the objectives of the Party.

9. b) Is not a member of another Political Party.

9. c) Who agrees to uphold and comply with the rules and Constitution of the

9. d) Pays the prescribed annual membership flee.

Memberships and Contact

To find out more about the Group and how you can get involved contact

David Wimble or Ray Field.
Telephone: 01797 364837